Sākums Šausmu izklaides ziņas Netflix 'Requiem' strādā noslēpumaini spēki

Netflix 'Requiem' strādā noslēpumaini spēki

by Ēriks Paniko

Rekviēms debuted this past week on Netflix, and promises viewers a paranormal mystery worth sinking their teeth into. Who doesn’t love a good ghost story with an intriguing conspiracy to unravel?

Here’s a quick description of the show’s plot:

March 24, 1994: 4-year-old Carys Howell’s disappearance sends shockwaves through the small village of Penllynith, Wales. Flash forward 23 years later, an up-and-coming cellist in London named Matilda has her world turned upside down when her mother inexplicably commits suicide. Matilda searches her deceased mother’s home looking for answers, and discovers a box containing possible evidence that her mother had some connection in Carys’ cold case. Dark forces seems to be calling Matilda to Penllynith, and she intends to find the truth about her mother, her past, and what happened to Carys Howell.

Netflix’s newest horror series combines the supernatural with the psychological in the vein of classic films like Rozmarīna mazulis (1968) un Laumu (1980). The quiet village of Penllynith clearly wants the past to stay buried after the media frenzy that followed in the wake of Carys Howell’s disappearance. Carys’ mother Rose is still haunted by that fateful day, feeling the eyes of her community and probing outsiders upon her at all times.

Shortly after Matilda arrives in Penllynith with her friend Hal in tow, they manage to take up residence at the mansion she discovered in one of her mother’s photos. The Gothic estate has a personality all its own because of the gorgeous architecture and the darkness that seems to inhabit it.

There is an unseen force ever-present in Rekviēms that is stalking those connected to the conspiracy this village is hiding. It bumps in the night, blows like a cold wind, and resides in the reflections of mirrors out of the corner of your eye. Something doesn’t want to stay buried much longer.

Even with the desaturated color palette and somber aesthetic, the show boasts some beautiful locales as Matilda makes her way from the streets of London to the rolling hills of the European countryside. The historic village defined by the tragedy of Carys’ case feels like a place stuck in time in more ways than one. There is a somber, dreamlike quality to the cinematography. Couple that with the haunting score and the show takes on an enigmatic and ominous atmosphere.

Netflix's Rekviēms looks to pique the interest of horror fans who enjoy a good mystery and eerie drama. If creepy mansions with billowing drapes and locked doors, scandalous conspiracies, and things that go bump in the night are your kind of horror, then be sure to add it to your queue. The first season is a meager six episodes long, and could easily be binged in a night or two.

Vai esi redzējis Rekviēms yet? What did you think of the first season? Check out the trailer below:

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